The Ultimate Guide To Men’s Grooming 2023

The Ultimate Guide To Men’s Grooming 2023

Surely, Men’s grooming has evolved over the years. Now in 2023, just splashing some water on your face and using a two-in-one face wash and scrub just won’t cut it. It is quite evident that men are carefully reading labels and selecting the right products for their skincare, body care, hair care and overall grooming needs, and thank god for that!

So this year, it’s time for men to elevate up their grooming routine and take it to the next level. On that front, we recommend setting a few grooming resolutions that will be easy to follow.

What are the essential steps in a man’s grooming routine?

1. Your Teeth

Everyone wants a sparkling set of pearly whites to show off! An impeccable smile gives a boost in one’s self-esteem. While you can't do much about the alignment at least on such short notice, you can definitely practice great oral hygiene that will leave you with healthy, clean teeth and a fresh mouth.

There are many simple ways to care for your oral hygiene, these can include:

  • Brushing your teeth: It is recommended that individuals brush their teeth twice per day in the morning and evening.
  • Flossing: Unfortunately brushing alone doesn’t remove everything, flossing helps to remove plaque and food stuck between the teeth.
  • Interdental brushes: These work much like flossing except are known to be equally, if not more effective.

2. Your Face 

Some men have great skin effortlessly. Despite subpar eating habits, they don’t break out. Despite not catering to their complexion, they have minimal signs of aging. That must be great, but having healthy, youthful-looking skin requires a bit more effort for most people than splashing tap water on your face and scrubbing it with soap and this where most men tend to give up.

Have you ever wondered why the majority of people with strict skincare routines are women? Surely, it’s not just marketing. It’s actually biology.

Men’s skin is biologically different than women’s skin. Therefore, a proper men’s skincare routine looks different than women’s skincare.

While skincare in itself is a broad topic, there are a few simple things you can do to enhance its health and appearance. Some essential steps you should include in your skincare routine are: 

Use A Face Wash - Daily 

Since men have oilier skin and are more prone to acne, cleansing regularly is a must. How often should men cleanse? A good rule of thumb for people with oily skin is to cleanse twice a day. So, a proper men’s skincare routine should start with a good cleansing in the morning and evening.

Use A Moisturizer - Nightly

The root of all skincare routines is the moisturizer, and the same goes for men’s skin care.

After you've thoroughly cleaned your face, applying the right moisturizer is crucial for healthy, glowing skin. Again, like all skincare products, pick a moisturizer based on your skin type. 

Here’s what to look for in a men’s face cream:

  • Safe, non-toxic ingredients
  • Contains antioxidants
  • Suitable for skin type (usually oily, acne-prone skin)
  • Optional: Contains SPF

Recommended product: Morgan’s Daily Moisturizer

SPF – Daily

If your moisturizer doesn’t contain SPF, then this will be an additional step—and it’s one of the most important.

Although men don’t age intrinsically as quick as women, they’re still predisposed to external aging every day from radiation, free radicals, etc. Combat unnecessary sun damage with a safe SPF product.

3. Your Body

A bar of soap as the only product in your shower regime, just won’t cut it anymore. If you want your body hydrated and nourished, invest in a good body wash. Ditch your body soaps and move to using shower gels to change the mere showering to a rejuvenating routine. It will leave your skin feeling nourished and refreshed, while natural scents will help you relax.

The question is how often should you wash your body? Adult skin can be washed every day, but only if using these guidelines: short showers, lukewarm water and a gentle cleanser. Aggressive, daily cleaning techniques will cause skin to break down, flaring atopic dermatitis, eczema, and often causing uncomfortable itchy, red skin.

Take regular showers, and cleanse your body thoroughly every time you do. Include the weekly step of trimming or shaving your body hair in your shower routine, while you’re at it.

Recommended product: Morgan’s Professional Body Wash

4. Your Hair

If there’s one thing that unites humanity, it’s that we all want great hair, but achieving it can be a struggle, at most. The goal of most men is to spend as little time in the bathroom as possible. That’s why they tend to cut their hair shorter. After all, less hair means less maintenance?  Attaining great hair doesn’t take a lot of effort, either, as long as you know what to do.

 Choosing the right shampoo that suits your hair is crucial. Washing your hair with cheap shampoo is like washing your car with hand soap. Shampoos formulated with lots of harsh ingredients, usually found in cheaper products, can strip away too many of those natural oils that protect and hydrate your hair. When it's time to wash your hair, use a gentle formula that is sulfate-free and has natural ingredients, instead 

Wash your hair periodically, but not too frequently as that can cause the loss of natural oils in your hair and scalp, and lead to dandruff and other such hair problems. 

Recommended product: Eva Professional Vitamin Recharge Detox & Co. Cleansing Balsam: Detox + Anti Pollution

5. Your Odor

Everybody has a distinct natural smell, so pick a scent that works best for you. Choosing a perfume might seem intimidating and daunting, but it doesn't have to be.

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a perfume for men. The first is that everyone’s body chemistry is different, so what smells great on one person may not smell so great on another. When it comes to choosing a cologne, it’s important to pick one that reflects your personal style. If you’re a more traditional guy, you might want to go with a classic scent like amber or musk. If you’re more of a trendsetter, try something unique like vetiver or sandalwood. No matter what your style is, there’s a cologne out there that’s perfect for you.

Recommended product: Morgan’s Amber Spice Eau De Parfum 50ml

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