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LiLash Best Sellers Set

LiLash Best Sellers Set

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The perfect pair to take your lashes and brows to the next level. Using advanced technology and a unique, physician formulated blend of the highest quality ingredients, LiLash and LiBrow deliver the lush lashes and bold brows you crave.

Set Includes:

LiLash® Purified Eyelash Serum 2ml (3 month supply)
LiBrow® Purified Eyebrow Serum 3ml (3 month supply)

Start seeing results in 4-6 weeks with full results in 90 days! Never tested on animals, paraben-free and safe for sensitive skin.


Lilash® ingredients: water/aqua, caprylyl glycol, ethylhexylglycerin, hydroxyethylcellulose, glycerin, chlorphenesin, panthenol, hydrolyzed lupine protein, prunus amygdalus dulcis fruit extract, silica, phenoxyethanol, citric acid, isopropyl phenylhydroxypentene dihydroxycyclopentylheptanate

How to use

Remove the applicator from the tube and wipe off excess serum
Apply LiLash® directly to the upper eyelid skin* along the lash line.
Allow serum to dry for 2-3 minutes before going to bed.
*Do not apply to the lower eyelids or directly to lashes.
For sensitive eyes, apply every other day during the first 10 days.

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