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Revivogen MD Scalp Therapy One Month Supply (1 x 60ml)

Revivogen MD Scalp Therapy One Month Supply (1 x 60ml)

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Revivogen MD Scalp Therapy is a dermatologist formulated, botanically rich hair serum created as a topical, leave-in hair loss solution.

Revivogen is also suitable for anyone who wishes to preserve the health and vitality of their hair. Revivogen Scalp Therapy blocks DHT, the hormone byproduct known to trigger hair loss. Consistent use allows for reduced shedding and rejuvenated hair growth cycles.

Effective for all hair types. Safe for color-treated hair.


Q: What is Revivogen MD and how does it work?

Revivogen Scalp Therapy is a topical formula made of natural active ingredients that have been scientifically proven to be the most potent anti-DHT compounds available today. Revivogen Scalp Therapy works by blocking DHT in the scalp, decreasing the levels of the hormone available. This allows the hair follicles to rejuvenate and produce thicker and stronger hair, creating a fuller and healthier head of hair.

Q: Does Revivogen MD have any systemic side effects?

No, when used as directed. Revivogen’s active ingredients are made of all natural compounds that have a long history of use both orally and topically. The only side effect noted with the use of this product has been transient mild scalp irritation in less than 2% of users. However, some people may have local side effects like redness and itching.

Q: What kind of results should I expect?

After four to five weeks of using Revivogen, you should see a significant decrease in hair thinning or shedding and notice a difference in how your hair looks and feels. After three to four months of use, your revitalized hair will make your scalp look fuller and denser. With continued use, your hair will stay healthy and continue to improve.

Q: Does Revivogen work for women?

Yes, and we have many satisfied female customers. Surprisingly, the cause of hair thinning or shedding in women is the same as in men in most cases. Fortunately for women, estrogen helps to protect the hair follicle from the destructive effects of DHT. However, many women develop thinning hair and hair loss due to estrogen level fluctuations and/or overproduction of DHT. Revivogen helps protect the hair follicle from DHT, resulting in thicker, fuller, healthier hair.

Q: Does Revivogen work on all hair types?

Male and female pattern hair thinning is due to DHT in all ethnic groups. Since Revivogen reduces DHT, it works to reverse male and female pattern hair thinning in whites, blacks, Asians or Latinos. We have seen success from a diverse group of users.

Q: Can I use other haircare products or color while using Revivogen?

Yes. You can use any other hair-care products while using Revivogen, including hair color and styling products. You can even wear a hat. If you’re going to use additional topical treatments such as Minoxidil, you must apply them at least three hours apart to prevent any interference with the absorption of Revivogen’s active ingredients.

Q: Can I use Revivogen at the same time as a prescription hair loss treatment?

Yes. Revivogen is made of all natural ingredients that have no side effects and do not react with other medications, including Rogaine® and Propecia®. You can safely use Revivogen with other medications.


Contains DHT blocking ingredients: Linolenic Acid, Saw Palmetto, Linoleic & Oleic Acid

How to use

Part the hair in the thinning areas and spray the hair growth treatment directly on the problem area. Just one or two sprays are enough for an area the size of your palm. For a larger area of thinning hair, use 10-20 sprays to cover the entire scalp. Massage to distribute the serum to the surrounding areas. Apply before going to sleep or apply during the day and leave it on for a minimum of three hours. Wash out with Revivogen MD Bio-Cleansing Shampoo for best results. Daily hair washing is not necessary, but washing at least 3-4 times a week is recommended at a minimum

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