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Eva Professional Hair Care Capilo Energikum Shampoo #02 Progressive Hair loss

Eva Professional Hair Care Capilo Energikum Shampoo #02 Progressive Hair loss

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Combat persistent thinning with this revolutionary cleanser.

Aqua-Infusion Energikum #02 is recommended for the treatment of conditions of persistent, long-term hair loss. It is a potent hair loss treatment formulated with the exclusive CELL4VITAL technology.

Its action stops hair loss and accelerates growth, stimulating the action of the hair follicle and improving the life cycle of the hair.

  • Stops hair loss.
  • Tones and restructures the hair structure.
  • Paraben, sulfate, silicone and allergen-free formula.

Scientifically-formulated to work with Energikum Progressive Hair Loss Regimen

Q: Is this shampoo safe for color-treated hair?

A: All of the products in the Capilo regimens are totally safe for color-treated hair.

Q: Will this shampoo lather?

A: The Capilo shampoos will lather and are highly concentrated, so use just a small amount per wash.

Q: How often can you use this shampoo?

A: We have developed these shampoos without problematic ingredients, so they are safe to use daily if you would like! Otherwise, use as often as you would any other shampoo!

Q: Can washing your hair too much cause hair loss?

A: Any hairs that shed while washing your scalp were in what is called the “telogen” phase of their life cycle, meaning they are ready to shift out of the follicle to make room for new hair to grow in its place. If you are noticing high amounts of hair fall in the shower over a long period of time, consult with your healthcare provider to determine the cause before trying any topical hair loss solutions.

Q: Who are these products intended for?

While anyone can use the Capilo Capillary Systems, they are intended for use by individuals who are looking to relieve symptoms of a range of scalp conditions. They can be used on all hair types including color-treated hair, highlighted hair, curly hair, fine hair, and more!

Q: Are there any restrictions on using these products?

We do not recommend using the Capilo Capillary systems at the same time as other topical hair loss treatments including but not limited to minoxidil, rogaine, or finasteride. The Capilo Systems are totally safe to use while pregnant and nursing, as they are formulated with natural ingredients.

Q: Which is the best scalp treatment for hair growth?

Often referred to as balding, progressive hair loss refers to decreases in hair density that continually get worse without intervention. The Capilo progressive hair loss system helps to stop this progressive thinning and restore hair density. Medically known as Telogen effluvium, temporary hair loss refers to a decrease in hair density due to drastic shedding and can be regained over time. The Capilo temporary hair loss system helps to stop this temporary shedding and restore hair density. We recommend choosing the hair growth treatment that best fits your unique condition.


Thermal spring water: Soothes and protects the scalp from irritation. Moisturizes the hair, making it shinier and more flexible

Stem cell activator: Boosts stem cell activity. Stops hair loss. Redensifies and strengthens the hair.

How to use

Apply to wet hair and work into a rich lather, making sure to massage the scalp with strong circular motions. Rinse completely with warm water. Repeat process.

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