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Eva Professional

Eva Professional Hair Care Hydra In Rescue Ritual

Eva Professional Hair Care Hydra In Rescue Ritual

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This three-step leave-in ritual starts with a regenerating leave-in mask, Summum Baobab Mask #45 an essential step in extreme hair rescue. Organic baobab oil strengthens the hair fiber and repairs even the most damaged and dehydrated tresses. Follow with Summum Baobab Oil #46 to instantly smooth and restructure each strand and fight against premature aging of the hair. Finish and style with our heat-activated Summum Babassu Serum #47 to fight split ends, breakage, and frizz.

  • Intensely regenerative
  • Adds elasticity to prevent breakage
  • Controls frizz and provides smoothness
  • Especially moisturizing for dry and damaged hair
  • Deeply hydrating to provide softness and elasticity
  • Paraben, sulfate and allergen free



    Baobab oil: Great antioxidant action, fighting against premature aging of the hair and skin. Protects the hair, giving it extra shine.

    Babassu oil: With a formula very rich in fatty acids and sterols, babassu has excellent emollient properties, which are very beneficial for both dry and oily hair, since they nourish, hydrate, and soften it deep down, without making the hair appear greasy or oily.

    How to use

    Apply the mask to previously washed and towel-dried hair. Extend evenly from the mid-sections to the ends and leave-in. Next, apply 1 pump of baobab oil to fingers and rub between the hands. Apply to damp hair from midsections to the ends. Follow up by repeating the same application with Babassu Serum. Once the hair is dried, apply, if desired, a few finishing drops from mid-section to the ends.

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